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Leviticus Chapter 14 Verse 31 - 57

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31.) And of these, he will give one for a sin-offering and one for a burned offering, with the meal offering; and the priest will take away the sin of him who is to be made clean before the Lord.

32.) This is the law for the man who has the disease of the leper on him, and who is not able to get that which is necessary for making himself clean.

33.) And the Lord said to Moses and Aaron,

34.) When you have come into the land of Canaan which I will give you for your heritage, if I put the leper's disease on a house in the land of your heritage,

35.) Then let the owner of the house come and say to the priest, It seems to me that there is a sort of leper's disease in the house.

36.) And the priest will give orders for everything to be taken out of the house, before he goes in to see the disease, so that the things in the house may not become unclean; and then the priest is to go in to see the house;

37.) And if he sees that the walls of the house are marked with hollows of green and red, and if it seems to go deeper than the face of the wall;

38.) Then the priest will go out of the door of the house, and keep the house shut up for seven days:

39.) And the priest is to come again on the seventh day and have a look and see if the marks on the walls of the house are increased in size;

40.) Then the priest will give orders to them to take out the stones in which the disease is seen, and put them out into an unclean place outside the town:

41.) And he will have the house rubbed all over inside, and the paste which is rubbed off will be put out into an unclean place outside the town:

42.) And they will take other stones and put them in place of those stones, and he will take other paste and put it on the walls of the house.

43.) And if the disease comes out again in the house after he has taken out the stones and after the walls have been rubbed and the new paste put on,

44.) Then the priest will come and see it; and if the disease in the house is increased in size, it is the leper's disease working out in the house: it is unclean.

45.) And the house will have to be pulled down, the stones of it and the wood and the paste; and everything is to be taken out to an unclean place outside the town.

46.) And, in addition, anyone who goes into the house at any time, while it is shut up, will be unclean till evening.

47.) And anyone who has been sleeping in the house will have to have his clothing washed; and anyone who takes food in that house will have to have his clothing washed.

48.) And if the priest comes in, and sees that the disease is not increased after the new paste has been put on the house, then the priest will say that the house is clean, because the disease is gone.

49.) And in order to make the house clean, let him take two birds and cedar-wood and red thread and hyssop;

50.) And put one of the birds to death in a vessel of earth over flowing water;

51.) And take the cedar-wood and the hyssop and the red thread and the living bird and put them in the blood of the dead bird and in the flowing water, shaking it over the house seven times.

52.) And he will make the house clean with the blood of the bird and the flowing water and with the living bird and with the cedar-wood and the hyssop and the red thread.

53.) But he will let the living bird go out of the town into the open country; so he will take away sin from the house and it will be clean.

54.) This is the law for all signs of the leper's disease and for skin diseases;

55.) And for signs of disease in clothing, or in a house;

56.) And for a growth or a bad place or a bright mark on the skin;

57.) To make clear when it is unclean and when it is clean: this is the law about the disease of the leper.

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