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Leviticus Chapter 13 Verse 47 - 59

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47.) And any clothing of wool or of linen in which is the mark of the disease;

48.) If it is in the threads of the linen or of the wool, or in leather, or in anything made of skin;

49.) If there are red or green marks on the clothing, or on the leather, or in the threads of the cloth, or in anything made of skin, it is the leper's disease: let the priest see it.

50.) And after it has been seen by the priest, the thing which is so marked is to be shut up for seven days:

51.) And he is to see the mark on the seventh day; if the mark is increased in the clothing, or in the threads of the material, or in the leather, whatever the leather is used for, it is the disease biting into it: it is unclean.

52.) And the clothing, or the wool or linen material, or anything of leather in which is the disease, is to be burned: for the disease is biting into it; let it be burned in the fire.

53.) And if the priest sees that the mark is not increased in the clothing or in any part of the material or in the leather,

54.) Then the priest will give orders for the thing on which the mark is, to be washed, and to be shut up for seven days more:

55.) And if, after the mark has been washed, the priest sees that the colour of it is not changed and it is not increased, it is to be burned in the fire: the disease is working in it, though the damage may be inside or outside.

56.) And if the priest sees that the mark is less bright after the washing, then let him have it cut out of the clothing or the leather or from the threads of the material:

57.) And if the mark is still seen in the clothing or in the threads of the material or in the leather, it is the disease coming out: the thing in which the disease is will have to be burned with fire.

58.) And the material of the clothing, or anything of skin, which has been washed, if the mark has gone out of it, let it be washed a second time and it will be clean.

59.) This is the law about the leper's disease in the thread of wool or linen material, in clothing or in anything of skin, saying how it is to be judged clean or unclean.

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